Bedtime is optional

Apparently, bedtime has become optional in my house. I am not sure how we arrived here but it is true.   Since we have moved my children have been having problems falling asleep.  Not only this but they are having trouble just getting ready for bed.  I know, I know.   There has been lots of change.  Sleeping arrangements are different.   The house is different.  Life is different.  For this reason and because tying  children to their beds is apparently against the law, I have been patient.  I know it is difficult.  I know that change is hard,  I know all of this but, I am so over it!   Every night there is giggling, wrestling, fighting, you name it we have it.  I becomes a time for winding up instead of settling down.  It seams like the earlier we start getting ready for bed the later we end up with everyone asleep. How is this possible?  You got me.  Even once we manage to get everyone tucked in, they pop right back up.  "I need a drink."  "I'm to hot"  "I am worried"  "I am to hyper"  "Will you give me one more hug." "Jack won't stop talking"  you get the idea. ( Screaming silently)  And each time I send them off I pray, "please let them fall asleep."    There has been threatening, bribing, scolding, and although I am not proud to say it, begging.  I have even tried turning out all of the lights and going to bed at the same time.  Only problem is I end up asleep first.  The when I do wake I have one or two extra people sleeping with me. Which leads to a very uncomfortable and restless sleep for mama since they are all getting to be as big as me.  So I reached into my mommy bag of tricks and I tried all of my past tricks for bedtime.  Maybe I was missing something. hmmmm.

1. Establish a routine-check
2. No sugary food after dinner-check
3. Relax them with a bath-check
4. Bedtime stories-check
5. Soft music-check

Still I have  loud, hyper children who insist Bedtime is Optional!
All of this has led me to do some serious thinking and I have come to one conclusion...

 I need a nap.
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