Good Question.

Last week, sometime, we were driving around and the kids started discussing what they "want" in the new house.   Other than the obvious, my own room, my own phone, my own TV, there were real features such as a basement, a toy room, 3 bathrooms etc.   I got a chuckle out of listening to them.  The will even bring me fliers from houses that are for sale and say, "What about this one?"  They really have an honest interest in where we live next.  As Emma was tallying her list, she decided on 6 bedrooms.  "One for me, one for Mom, One for Dad.." and so on.  She even included one for Ginger.  Mark, always bursting her Great ideas said, "Emma we only need 5 bedrooms because Mom and Dad share a bedroom."  This gave her cause for thought.  "Mom?"  She asked in the small voice of a 7 year old. "Do you sleep with Dad because you want to? or because you're married and you have to?"  heehee:)
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