The last 2 weeks have been dedicated to getting the house ready to list.  We have packed, cleaned, packed, stored, hauled and thrown or given away at ton.  The last being a huge benefit of moving, keeps you lean.  We hired a Stager and just as you have seen on HGTV we have been given lots of homework.  Some of our homework has included, packing up all of the books on both bookcases, taking down and packing all pictures, moving and removing furniture and painting the upstairs bath.  We have been busy.  It seems like everyone and their realtor have been through our house critiquing all of our accessories and placement of every piece of furniture.  It is enough to give you a complex, but in the end, for the greater good.   And I must say the results are staggering.  I have decided to share a few pictures with you of before and after.  I have to say the pictures do not do it justice and I am supremely impressed with the end results and it  has been well worth the experience.  
family room before
family room after.
entertainment center before
entertainment center after
Living room before

living room after

bookcase in office, which just last week was a bedroom.
bookcase after (which ironically is not holding many books)
If all goes as planed our house should be listed by Tuesday and then the real fun begins.
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