A Cut Above The Rest

I have always been fond of change.  I like the creativity that is generated before change can happen.  As you can imagine, I haven't often held one hair style for very long.  If I don't like a hair cut I figure it will grow out, and as it does it challenges me to be creative.  The one down side to this is that because of our frequent moves I have a difficult time finding a hair stylist I like.  I think I had 6 when we lived in Columbus.  When we decided to move to El Paso, I declared long tresses the way to go.  This way I only had to get a hair cut twice a year and therefore not get my hopes dashed by being unable to find a stylist I agreed with.  After 3 years of long hair, I got bored, so I had it cut off.  I think my stylist was more afraid of the change than I was.  He kept saying, "we'll just cut off a little at a time."  and I kept saying, "it is still to long!  Cut more off."  After all was said and done I had a nice bob, bangs and my hair was 6 inches shorter than when I went in.  (And it isn't as short as i was going for!)  I think I will probably go shorter next time but for now it is fun to play with.  Remarkably Mark and Jack didn't even notice when I picked them up at school.  But, not to worry, Emma had much to say including, but not limited to,"MOM, what did you do to your hair?" and "Why would you get your beautiful hair cut off!" She was not at all happy and kept saying, "You look so different. I don't like that you look different."  She, obviously, is not one for change.   John's opinion was, "Hey, you got your hair whacked."  Always the flatterer.
 Emma agreed to stand with me in this picture.  She is the before picture, since our hair was just about the same length. Whatcha think?
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