Yesterday, we dyed.  No, we are surely still all healthy and well.  We dyed yarn!  It was so fun.  I was truly prepared for a mess.  As anyone who has tie-died before knows, it can be a messy job.  Getting everything out, and preparing dye all-the-while trying to sell my house was truly frightening.  But fear not, it was not as messy as I predicted.  It was actually simple and uncomplicated process, one I am sure I will repeat in the future.  I exchanged yarn dying kits in one of the ravelry exchanges I took part in last fall.  (Unfortunately, due to the move I was unable to participate again this spring.  I highly recommend the ravelry groups, as they are a lot of fun. ) I have had the kit since November and I finally just decided it was time.  I used Kool-aid for my dye.

 And I was amazed at how bright and vibrant colors were.  The process called for washing and soaking the yarn first.  Then you mix the colors, insert the yarn, Microwave a few minutes, resting and stirring in between.  And  PRESTO!  Dyed yarn.

Here is a really poor quality photo of my yarn soaking.

Pre-Microwave. Notice a little of the red Kool-aid wicking into the yellow bowl!

Post Microwave (Notice the dye has been absorbed by the yarn!)

Allah-peanut-butter-sandwiches! Fabulously dyed yarn.  The only problem I foresee is that the yarn is SOCK WEIGHT!!   I don't believe I'll be able to knit with it anytime in the near future.
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