The Idea That Wasn't

 Many of you may remember the pact I made with myself (the one where I would make 5 projects from my stash before I bought any new yarn.)  Well, with the completion of Emma's socks I reached my goal.  I noticed while digging through my stash, that I have a lot of wool.  A lot of really nice wool.  Leftovers from one fair isle project or another.  I decided to make a vest pattern I had found in Interweave Knits with my find.  It is a project I had kept my eye on for quite sometime, however I had to buy a skein of yarn before I could start it.  So, onward I went with the socks.  Finally, the socks were done and it was time to start the vest.  I have never been a fan of gauge swatches.  Therefore I didn't do one.  Well, after 2 hours of knitting a k1, p1 rib I realized that my gauge was way off.  I was supposed to be 28 stitches/4 inches and I was at 20 stitches/ 4 inches.  Makes for a very large waist line.  The amazing part was I was already knitting on a size 3 needle!  I knew immediately the yarn I had chosen was absolutely not going to work for this vest.  Enter exhibit A:  I had picked up Knitting Classic Style at Sam's last week.  I was immediately struck by the number of fair isle projects in the book.  I love color work and haven't done any in at least 18 months.  Now, I do believe my pact was not to buy yarn, it said nothing of buying knitting books.   I forged on.  I browsed through the patterns in the book and settled on the Ski Jacket.  It is a wool cardigan made mostly in one color with a fair isle yolk.  I cast on and immediately and did a gauge swatch.  HA.  Guess what?  Correct gauge the very first time!  WOW.  Onward I knit.  Here is a very early picture of the sweater with the pattern.  

Knitting on, I realized that now I did not have enough yarn from my stash and that I would be required to make yet another yarn purchase.  Not just 1 skein but 3.   My dear husband is fond of saying, that my ideas always cost him money.  I am beginning to see the truth in that.  Here I had a grand plan of using my stash and getting an awesome new vest in the process, and now I have the potential for having more leftovers.  Contemplating this I am beginning to see a pattern.  This is exactly how many of my brilliant ideas start.  They transform over time to become something completely different from my initial concept.  Whether the idea is a quilt, a vest or the plan for the day.  Most of the time I am happy with the end result.  Although I'll admit quite often I am not, and on I move to my next brilliant idea.  I'll have to let  you know if this is one of those times.
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