Why Blog? (Good Question)

Well.. the obvious answer is because i have so much free time.  heehee.   I have thought about this since John asked me the same question this evening.  And since "because I want to."  Wasn't the answer he was looking for I spent some time thinking about the reasons.  I have come to have some very good friends here in El Paso.  And being the transient city it is, they all are moving away.  I have some great friends in the midwest, many whom I speak with only once a month (ok maybe twice if my Verizon bill is accurate.)  We have family spread out all over the continent.  I have had many a person say, " I always think about calling you early in the morning when the kids are busy.  Then I realize it is 5 am in El Paso!"  I'd like to thank all of those people for not calling at 5 am.  As I am sure ya'll (Texan lingo)  appreciate my not calling when I am up at 10 pm here.  So what I really need is to come up with a way to keep in touch with everyone.  AH-HA   (a good reason).   So I started investigating the Blogging World.  And presto. a new blog.  So I decided to call it The Crafty Quilter's Closet.  Why?  Because that is where I stash all of my Craft Supplies.  Not just my Quilting but, the sewing, knitting, the cross stitch and the fabric paint.  Some people have craft rooms, I have a closet.   So whether I will be good at blogging, only time will tell.  Lets just hope so.