Ay chihuahua!

Emma has been campaigning for a Chihuahua.  She really was attracted to them when we go visited shelters looking for a dog to adopt prior to Ginger.  The smaller the better.  She would say things like, "Aren't they so CUTE!" and " Mommy look at the Little thing"  She backed  off ever so slightly when we  brought Ginger home.  Of course, Ginger was 4 lbs then.  And since she has grown, and grown and grown. Now she is 40+ pounds of puppy who stands about 20 inches high at the shoulder.  According to the dog whisperer we  are seeing Ginger has about 2 more inches to grow.  So we have been working with the kids on trying to play with Ginger in a safe way and teach her that they are the boss.  Jack and Mark, understand what we are trying to achieve.  They are working with Ginger and are developing a good relationship.  So much so that Jack will stare Ginger down until she turns and runs.  Emma however, is another story.  She has decided that Ginger is too big.  She says that she cannot get Ginger to listen to her and she doesn't understand why i am making her do this.  (Because i am a big MEANY).  So this weekend she started back on the Campaign Trail.  
She started off with a little speech that went something like this...
"Mom, can i have a Chihuahua? I would love it. And take care of it. And clean up its messes.  It could sleep with me. and Everything!!!!! PLEASE (lots of whining here at this point)."
I responded 'NO'
not to be shot down at the first try she kept going..."But, why not?  You wouldn't have to do anything."
"Because Ginger would eat it."  i respond blandly
"No, I already told you I would keep the puppy in my room, and it could sleep in my bed and i would never, ever, not ever, ever let Ginger get it!"  she begged
Trying reason i said, "Emma we just got Ginger.  She is still a puppy.  We need to devote our time to helping her learn how to behave."
Mark decided to help and says, "Emma you don't want a dog.  You want a fashion accessory."
She dropped it.  I should have known that it wasn't the end of it.  She simply turned and walked away.

So every day since then she has brought it up always with the same reasoning.  Tonight she kept it up.  
"Mom?  when are we going out to get my chihuahua?"
stunned I said, "WHAT!"
"Remember, you said once Ginger was bigger I could get a puppy!  Well Ginger is bigger (4 days bigger). "
"I never said that Emma and you cannot have a chihuahua."
Her response was to drop to her knees, hold her folded hands up over her head and say, "Mom,  I am down on my knees begging you!  PLEASE!"

Ay chihuahua!!!   
(may i should send her to theater camp)
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