The Rolling Stone

Sorry not the Band.  A very good friend of mine has often described me as a rolling stone.  Today I felt like one.  I got so much accomplished I think I might just be able to take the weekend off. (I wish).  Today indeed was a much better day.  Emma, if indeed that is the name of this alter ego, was actually happy.  We were driving to the park at 8 am (desperate times my friends), where we were to meet some friends.  Emma says, "Mom, i just love this time of day.  Everything is new and fresh.  The day is full of possibilities!"  OK, WHO ARE YOU?  The kids played at the park with their friends... Wait for it.  I got to talk to a grownup and knit!  I know! 

Emma and Rachel on the jungle gym.

Jack and Ian in a tree.

The park was great for us.  Mom needed a breather and so did the kids.  After the park we had lunch and friends came over again!  Can U believe it!  I was able to get several boxes packaged for shipping.  I was able to finish a washcloth for the washcloth exchange i am doing with the ravelry website. (check it out knitters!)

I also was able to quilt for 3 hours.  Awesome.  After a day where i got nothing done i was super excited to get to everything i wanted to do and then some.  ooh, ooh check out these cute. onesies i got for my cousin Tara's baby shower.  How cute are they?
The little person will look ADORABLE! 

Tomorrow we embark on our first camping trip in over 4 years!   The kids are super  hyped about it.  I think Emma has packed just about everything, for everybody.  Give the girl a task and she is all over it. We are headed to Purcha Dam State Park in NM.  It is supposed to be shady!  We can only hope.  Camping in the Desert doesn't sound like much fun and it is supposed to be in the 100s all weekend.  Sounds like a good thing to blog about, I'll let you know Monday.
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