Awaken the Harpy

Yesterday was less than pleasant.  I had to get the kids up early to accommodate all of our plans.  When say early i mean a full 30 minutes before they normally pull themselves out of bed.  (I told  you I am a meany.)  Jack popped out of bed as usually.  He is my morning person,  rises out of bed with a smile and starts talking almost immediately.  Mark woke, with some difficulties, but he got up and got ready without to much fuss.  Then came Emma.  I always wake her last.  The princesses subjects always arise first, you know.  I got Emma out of bed, carried her down stairs and set her down.  She starts yelling as soon as her feet hit the floor.  I watched the transformation in disbelief.  
Someone or something had taken my beautiful, albeit sassy little girl and transformed her into a screeching harpy.   I swear even her eyes were glowing with a red tint.  The claws came out, the teeth were bared and she didn't stop screeching until 10pm last night.  Of course, when i asked her what was wrong i got a different answer every time and it was always my fault.  She went to far as to say, "Mom,  I just don't feel like part of this family.  That is why i need a chihuahua.   So i can have someone who loves me."  OMG!   I'll let you know if today goes any better.
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