Look what arrived yesterday!  This is Ian, my nephew.  He is Danielle's youngest.  I can't believe he is one.  (yes that is why he is holding the giant number, we'll that and probably to get him to sit still for the picture) It seems like only yesterday i flew out to Virginia beach to see him just after his birth.  Of course  reminiscing over Ian's growth this past year lead me straight into thinking of my own kids.  I cannot believe Mark will be in the sixth grade!  Wasn't it just a few weeks ago he started Kindergarten?  This kid who is only a few inches shy of being as tall as me, is growing up.  The signs are all there, but  i feel like somehow i missed a step.   I mean look at the face below.  He wouldn't be happy about taking this picture if I gave him a number 11 to hold. I think not.

Ok so maybe i have acne, instead of diapers to change, i have science projects and term papers, typed term papers, instead of board books, and i have the prospect of kissing girls in the near future instead of biting girls.  But the fact remains at 11 1/2 he still needs his mommy.  It is comforting that this boy on the verge of sixth grade still needs me.  He still likes me to read him books and still puts up a fight at bedtime and yes, he still occasionally kisses and hugs me goodbye, although not in public.  So i know i have a while yet to enjoy this period of boyhood, but it is nearly half over.  When my cute nephew is 11 1/2 mark will be 21! off at college, (
God willing) have a girlfriend (God forbid) and will have been on his own for nearly 3 years (Oh God!).  But lets not think of the future and only enjoy that for now, i may have graduated from Mommy  to just Mom, but i am indeed still MOM.  I think I'll go knit Ian a sweater while his mom still gets to decide what he wears.
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