?Time to build the ark?

Last night was a wonderful night to sleep.  The breeze was cool and the sound of rain patted gently on the window.  For those of you who don't know July and August is Monsoon season.  This is when the desert gets all of its water. It reminds me of June in Ohio.  Rainy and Humid.  Now humid is a relative term.  We usually maintain a humidity of less than 10%, so low in fact we don't get dew on the grass in the morning.  So all month we have had a humidity of around 50% , shocking I know.  Anyway, this am Ginger woke me up at 6:30 and it was raining.  Now Ginger loves to be outside and she loves to play in water.  Perhaps you may be able to see the problem in this. One hyper puppy, a sand box and muddy grass doesn't make for a happy mama.  So Ginger and I went for a walk.  We'll i discovered something that i have never realized.  The sidewalks here are not textured!  And they get darn slippery when they are wet!  So after slipping 3 times up the hill we walked in the gutter.  We could have walked out in the middle of the street for all the cars we saw (2).  We past one other sorry looking dog owner who commented that my dog must be as stir crazy as his.   The walk was beautiful, peaceful and very relaxing.    After breakfast I decided to take the kids puddle jumping.  This is an activity they love, or used to but we haven' t had the opportunity to do it in 2 1/2 years (yes, we live in the desert.)  Needless to say they were super excited.
 Here we are walking down the street.  The problem was that from the time Ginger and I went for a walk to the time I went with the kids it started raining harder and the wind was gustier.  (Can i say gustier?)  There was much whining, several inside out umbrellas and very, very wet kids.  We only managed to make it to the end of the street before the whining started and I knew we should turn back.  By the time we got home, which was a feet in itself we had Lake Hoog in the back yard.   Dont worry we don't need an ark...yet.  John had 5 hoses siphoning out the back yard.  Don't worry the kids loved it, yes, Ginger too.
So it rained and rained and rained today. And i had 3 bored kids and a wet smelly dog in my house!  John on the other hand spent most of the glorious day on the roof trying, yet again to fix the leaks.  And he was so happy about it. This picture below is right at the door way to the family room the mat is butted up against the door.  Ahhhhhhh!!

 The good news is the OSU socks are done and so is the tangled neck cardigan i started in January.  It had to go away for a little time out.   It was very bad.  But it is finished and i cast on for a new  sweater, hopefully a much less complicated sweater.  

 I was also able to do laundry during the day.  Why is this important?  
Well, mommy always said wear clean undies every day.  Oh, laundry during the day.... well our evaporative coolers work well to cool the house in low humidity.  But when the humidity is high (higher)  it doesn't do much good.  So the house gets hot and the dry and the oven make it much worse.   I have been doing laundry at 11 pm-1am to keep the temps down and i have been getting creative on the grill.  Grilled Portabello Mushroom Pizzas anyone?

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