Toe up socks

OSU Socks
So for those of you who don't know i have  been trying to master socks knit from the toe up.  So i had a friend teach me her method.  Well unfortunately for me she has been knitting for over 30 years so most of her patterns are in her head.  I knit the first pair with her with me, so it was so simple... or so i thought.  By the time i got around to starting another pair i had remembered the pattern, mostly.   So as you have probably figured out they were less than pretty, more like swiss cheese with all of the holes.  Out to find the error of my ways I searched the internet for the perfect pattern.  I found a pattern, if it perfect is yet to be determined.  But the first is done and the second is on the needle.  With luck I may have a pair in the coming week.  I honestly don't know how the women of histories past knit socks for their family...and with everything else they had to do!!  
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