St. Mary.

Emma's CCD/Religious Ed class was given a project on saints.  Each child was given a saint and instructed to make a pop-bottle model and write a short report on their saint.  Emma's Saint, St. Mary of Nazareth.  The report was mostly painless.  There were a few minutes here and there where I thought I might have to leave the house for a few hours but I survived.  (Lots of deep breathing and meditation).  Seriously, though she did a great job.  After the report was written it was time to craft her model.  I sent her up to sort through my very modest stash of fabric.  She came down with what she claimed was perfect St. Mary blue, a small amount of white satin bridal fabric and some lovely gold braid.  Just what the native Nazarenes were wearing that year.  Most of the students in the class were using Styrofoam for their Saint's head.  Although Emma's said one poor child used a giant Marshmallow for the head of their saint.  Emma however, would not have a Styrofoam head only pure paper mache would do for St. Mary.  Add some google eyes and a red sharpie for lips and TA-DA!  The perfect St. Mary head.

This weekend I helped her put it all together.  The smile on her face was worth every nail I chewed off.  After the model was finished Emma was insistant that it was only proper to take St. Mary out for her very own PHOTO SHOOT.

Don't you just love it!

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Auntie Em said...

I love it! She did a wonderful job.
When my son was younger he had an assignment to build a soda bottle model of Thomas Edison. Wish I had given Mr. Edison a photo shoot of his own!