Kristin's home for wayward scraps

This past month has been full of reorganizing and throwing away.  I filled up an entire bag full of scraps and tossed them out. It feels good that some of them are out of the house, but part of me is still mourning. Seriously, I may need them sometime.  No idea when I would need them.  But I could. Sometime.

In my quest to reorganize I ran across a stack of half-square triangles that had been cut and sewn.  I acquired them from a friend who, for some unknown reason, passed them on to me.  I am sure she was cleaning out, reorganizing and throwing away.  Either that or it could be that I look like the perfect person to start a home for other people's scraps.

Within the mix of half-square triangles were a smattering of broken dish blocks.  I am guessing the half-square triangles were on their way to becoming broken dish blocks before being ousted.

Lucky for me they hadn't yet been sliced or diced just sewn.  Emma and I spread them out to see how many there were and them we started playing with them.  It is utterly amazing how many different combinations one can create with triangles.

Currently they are hanging out on my design board.  Or what the rest of the family calls the Floor.  Having a sewing room with clipped ceilings is not beneficial to the design process.  Every so often I wander up to the sewing room and play with the half-square triangles.  Perhaps this week I sew them together, or I could give them away to an unsuspecting friend. (evil laugh)
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