Christmas Tree Skirt--the quilting

This weekend the long-arm machine was flying!  I quilted, and quilted.  Every chance I had I would sneak away to quilt.  This Christmas Tree Skirt is calling me!  I have certainly gotten through the January doldrums.  Now we are off  and running.  I believe I am flooded with ideas of new quilts I would love to make.  Seriously I cannot write, draw or sketch them out fast enough.  I have not had a single thing on my mind other than quilting.  A fact quite obvious to the dust bunnies, or small mammals growing in my dinning room. Are you ready to see some pictures?

Quilt front--just off the machine

Since I have been taking my craftsy.com class I have been looking for different designs to use in negative space.  In the ivory hexagons I quilted six pointed starts and doodled lines around the starts to set them off.  I tried to free hand the stars but my perfectionist tendencies jumped in and asserted that I use a straight edge.  

I quilted a six petaled flower in the green hexagons.  I was afraid to quilt to densely in the green hexagons.  I wanted the fabrics and color to speak louder than the quilting.

Here is a picture of the back of the quilt.  I let the kids choose the backing.  The red is perfect for setting off the white quilting lines.  (Although the mistakes are also quite obvious.)  I used a swirl pattern (a new design for me) around the outer edges of the quilt.

Now the tough part, cutting through my finished quilt.  Keep your fingers crossed.
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