Twirling ( A Princess Post)

Do you remember being 7 or 8 or how about 9?  I know sometimes it is hard for me to remember last week!  But think back to being a little girl and how it felt to get dressed up.  This always seemed like such an exciting time.  Picking out your dress and shoes maybe arguing with your mom (just a little).  Do you remember how important it was to put your dress on and immediately twirl?  How much fun it was to watch you dress or skirt spin out like a princess.  Watching all of the fabric flow around you you couldn't help but smile.

I am currently have 3 such dresses underway.  I have been asked, and it is my great privilege to make bridesmaids dresses for my brother's wedding.  I haven't always seen this type of request as a privilege.  It has taken some "re-thinking" and a conscious effort on my part to see it as an honor.  Truly it is an honor. I was asked not only because it was well known that I sew, but because of the care. time and love I put into my sewing.  As I approach each dress I imagine that this is the equivalent of wrapping my daughter and my nieces in a bundle of love.

Just watching the smiles irrupt on the faces as they try on the mock-ups gives me energy and enthusiasm for finishing the project.  This unbridled, carefree happiness that only a child can have is quite contagious.

This week I was able to finish up, mostly, the dress Emma will wear in the wedding.  OH how she lit up when she heard that I wanted to have her try it on!  

Once we were able to pin the dress in all of the appropriate places, she took off to show her brothers.  They were less than excited.  Getting dressed up to them is equivalent to torture. Torturous not only to wear, but just as torturous to try on.   I am sure I have never seen them smile when they were told to wear their tie.  Maybe a groan or an eye roll and definitely whine, but never a smile.

I followed Emma around, trailing just out of site.  Watching her imagination bloom.  She stood in front of her mirror and curtsied and twirled for at least 10 minutes.  Talking and singing (which as you know is an important characteristic of a Princess) to herself, playing with her hair and going through her jewelry box just as happy as could be.

She came to find me minutes later to show me just how well the dress twirled. I was informed that this dress makes a "bell-shape" when twirled.  Which is her favorite kind.  I was informed that the bell shaped dress makes a lovely poof when you twirl and sit down immediately, as it traps the air under the skirts.  (I have proof she showed me at least 5 times).

She went on to explain the other dresses make a fan when twirled. (Who knew there was more than one type of twirl.)  While fan shapes lay nicely when you have to sit and look cute, they are not nearly as fun to twirl.  I have it on good authority that this is because if you twirl too fast boys can see your underwear.  Definitely don't want that.
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