Aliens come in Peace

I made these two alien blocks a while back with the intention of creating a quilt.

 In my quilting obsessed world where I have no dinner to make, no laundry to do and have a full pot of coffee at all times, it made sense.  I actually had a plan to make twelve of these cute little blocks and turn them into not only a quilt, but a pattern as well.  As the days went by and my list of mother related needs and request grew, I came to understand that, at the time, I must have been completely non compos mentis.  After further review, I have decided that revisions must be made.

Wondering through alien fabric searches I found an alien panel that said, "Galaxy Peace"  I had to laugh.  Peace what a great concept.   That is exactly how quilting makes me feel, peaceful.  It also makes me frustrated, angry, happy, energized, and a whole host of other emotions; ultimately in the end, I am at peace with the final project.  Going back to the drawing board, with galaxy peace in mind, I came up with a plan that was slightly less deranged.  I plan to put a rather large and incredibly cute (if I do say so myself) rocket-ship  in the center of this quilt using my smaller blocks as "accents."  It's a good plan trust me.

After many scratched drawings and an all important consult with my 11 year-old I came up with this preliminary sketch.  Trust me it is absolutely essential to consult an 11 year-old boy when designing space related patterns.  My original drawing was, and I quote "Very Unrealistic."

This bigger, better and new improved design allows me to use a pre-printed alien pattern from Moda called "Alien Invasion" by Amy Bradley Designs. The aliens are wonderfully cute, laid back and totally at peace with their Alien-ness.  The center panel when it is completed will be roughly 50 X 60 inches, allowing for a sizable border with some darling custom alien blocks added for accent.  

Peace Dude
I have been using a new method from Sharon Schamber called PiecLique.  (Peace or Piece again being the central theme.) Let me just say this method for piecing curves is simply, brilliant!  The curves are nice and round with beautiful seams.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  The two aliens above are looking out the port-holes of their new and improved space craft.

I have much of the rocket sewn and strewn about the studio.  I would have taken more pictures but the batteries from my camera were confiscated for a CD player.

Lofty expectations aside I think it is turning out to be pretty darn cute Piece of work.
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