In pieces

I was able to piece up the stars last night.  I decided that because the aliens were cute, the stars needed to be also.  I used a book I have mentioned before called,  Cut-Loose Quilts by Jan Mullen.  I needed Wonky stars and this book provided me with them!  I love, love, Love the dark blue and black batik that I am using for space.  It is such an exceptional contrast to the white of the spaceship.

The flames done in orange, tangerine and red Kona cotton were designed by Jack.  I think it adds a nice element of depth to the rocket.  The lights on this strip below were hand appliqued onto the gray fabric.  
lights and flames at bottom of rocket
This strip of light at the nose cone was done with the pieclique method I described in my last post.
Lights and nose cone

It is coming along very nicely, although it is still in Pieces.  I have not set any expectations on getting this quilt finished or having it turn out a certain way, I am simply letting the ideas come to me.  The ideas for this quilt are flooding me!  Off to work on it some more.   New Pictures coming tomorrow.
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