Getting a little Spacy

I am  really loving this quilt.  It is truly a work in progress.  I have been having so much fun that I am afraid to admit that I have been slacking on several of my other duties.  (It's OK, I assure you no one was harmed during the making of this quilt.)  It's all about balance.

This week I have been working on border blocks.  I have been searching for new methods and new thinking on building and designing quilts.  I have stumbled across several quilt artist who are fabulous!  The newest being Gwen Marston.  She has several books called with "Liberated" in the title.  Just the thought of Liberating your quilt methods makes me chuckle.  Her techniques and methods are simple to follow.  She breaks through all of the "old" standard quilting stereotypes.  It is wonderful for me to see someone else who loves to mess with the rules.  My favorite quote so far is, "Fun and adventure along the way is what Liberated Quiltmaking is all about."  Well,  I'm all for that!

Here are some new pictures of the blocks I plan on putting around the spaceship.  I have been playing around with piecing letters and numbers.

  I will be "writing" the words...3,2,1....Blast Off! on the quilt.  Here I have the 3,2,1, I just need to decide on the form for the Blast off.  I am not sure if I want the words to move horizontal or vertical.  One idea i have is to place the words inside of a spaceship blasting off.

I added some alien blocks which are a little smaller than I need.  I also plan on putting a white or yellow border around the blocks and large center block for more contrast. Too many spaceships?  Can one ever have too many?
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