The writing on the wall

My studio, which also serves as an office, TV room and general rumpus room has clipped ceilings.  It is a finished room over garage or (FROG) room as they like to refer to them here in the south.  Off of said studio is the laundry room.  It is nice to have a second story laundry.  Most of the mess comes that comes from my rug-rats comes from up here, therefore it helps to contain the mess a little.  Okay, in theory it is supposed to contain the mess.  I still find socks and sweatshirt all over the house.  I digress. The Laundry room is small, like most are, and it too has clipped ceilings.  That being said, the small size is only magnified because there is less room to stand.

When we moved into this house we purchased a new washer and dryer.  The washer is a front loader so I am fortunate that both machines have doors that open out, because I am not sure there is enough room for them to open up.  Even with my petite stature, I constantly hit my head on the ceiling in that room.  I am for ever bumping one part of me or another and find myself sitting on the floor doing laundry to avoid another lump on my head.

I have toyed with the idea of putting something on the ceiling to catch my eye when I am in there.  Something that screams, "WATCH YOUR HEAD LADY!"  I was never sure what to put in there that wouldn't hang down and smack me in the face. Pictures were out of the question.  I thought about a quilt, at least that would be softer, but it sags in the middle and makes the space seem even more closed in.  I contemplated painting the ceiling a different color but couldn't decide what.  John and Mark joked that they were going to put a big sign on the laundry room door that read...


 But I knew that wouldn't work either, I look terrible in hard hats.  I thought about making a mural or painting a design on the ceiling; but since we move frequently I always have to keep resale in the back of my mind when decorating. Hmm.

Last week I ran into Hobby Lobby to pick up some art paper, and since I can never just run through Hobby Lobby and pick up one thing, I started to browse.  I stumbled upon the the vinyl lettering for walls.  eureka!  That is just what I need.  I picked  up some lettering that I thought was cute and pretty and not insanely big.  It reads "Family where life begins and love never ends."  How touching.  Only I tweaked it just a little bit to read something more apropos of its location not to mention, my whit and humor. And it now reads.

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