February Wreath (and other blocks)

February Wreath

For this month's wreath I decided to go traditional.  Just a simple heart, right?  Well, since I have a plethora of ideas bouncing around in this head of mine, you couldn't be more wrong.  The ideas are pouring out of my head faster than I can get them on paper!  I came up with this String Heart after searching for Heart Blocks for the February Wreath.  I don't know if something broke or just started working but suddenly all the blocks were broken down into basic shaped inside my head.  I just started coming up with plans and ideas right then.  Of course none of them were simple ideas and none of them were at all easy to assemble.  I am aways shocked at how difficult it can be to take an idea and turn it into an actual 3 dimensional object.

String Heart

This months block is a string heart block.  I sewed strips of fabric onto paper templates then cut them into the triangles I needed to make the heart.  After much calculating and fiddling I was able to get this heart and the background into a 12" X 12" square.  I took pictures of the entire process and plan to post a tutorial soon.  I also have two other heart shaped projects in the works which I'll share later this week.

Saturday night I was overcome with a wave of creativity.  I sat up into the wee hours of the night sketching, calculating and coloring.  I seemed to have more ideas than I did paper!  I guess I have been storing up these ideas for sometime, and  since The Quilt Story Blog is having a "Block Party" my brain decided now was the time to spew them out.  I came up with a total of 4 blocks and I still have one or more bouncing around in my head.

The actual idea was inspired by a drawing my son did.  Occasionally, when I get out the graph paper to play with a design my kids ask for a sheet or two to draw on.  Over time I have collected these drawings and use them for inspiration when I am running low. ( As an added bonus they are also good for a smile when I am feeling low)  I took Jacks drawing an modified it to a 12 inch block and then came up with a few of my own.  I am planning on making them into a cute quilt that I want to call, Kid, You're out of this world! or something like that.

Lights/Rocket Flairs

We come in pieces

Cute alien Dude
Both blocks were done in Kona Cotton and I added some hand stitching for the Alien, the antenna, the lights and the windows.  I may fuse the windows on the next two blocks to see which I like better.  I'll definitely be fusing the planets!  My favorite part, other than the cute alien dude, is that I used prairie points for the rocket flairs.  Jack said it best when he said, "They move just like real fire."

3,2,1 Blast OFF!

beautifully hand stitched windows
I have some ideas on planet blocks I need to get down on paper.  I am not sure if I will be able to come up with a pattern but I intend to try.  I would also like to try to get a pattern made for the entire space quilt.
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