Here are 2 new pillows I just put up in my Etsy shop!  They have been sitting around my studio for what seems like FOREVER.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that they are finally finished!  They are Block O pillows and I think they look striking with my Block O quilt, I'm just saying.  I appliqued the 'O' on after using some light fusible interfacing, added a couple of borders and WhaM-o.  Two 16" pillows completed!

While I was in a pillow frame of mind I finished off this too cute Valentine's Day Pillow.

 Initially I had planned on using this pattern for my Door Wreath this month.  Since I didn't look at the completed size prior to making it, never a good idea, it came out much to large to hang on my wreath.  With a few adjustments and a pillow form it became a cute little Valentine's pillow for all of my little Valentines to fight over.
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