If you have kids, especially teens, I don't have to tell you what a joy it is to be Right.  Most days I believe they think I am just a tad bit smarter than the dog.  My kids are forever telling me things that usually start with, "I told you.." or "It's your fault that..."  Only occasionally will they with throw out the, "I can see what you mean."  which they only use just to pacify me and my attempts at getting them to admit I do know something.  They seem to have forgotten that, yes Mommy did go to school and I do have a college degree.  Contrary to popular opinion, I do function quite capably while they are at school.

My third grader had a report that was due today.  For two weeks she has been procrastinating, and doing a stellar job at it.  I have had two other third graders at one time or another and I can tell you third graders hate homework. Other grades hate homework too, but at least they sit down and do what needs to be done. Third grade seems to be the grade when homework and long term projects take off at an astonishing rate.  Such is the case this year.

All year I have been badgering and nagging Emma to get her homework started when she gets home.  Occasionally, I will let her "take a break"  which only leads to more stalling and excuses.  With this project I worked with her off and on, reminded her when it was due but did not badger or nag.  I remained uncharacteristically calm and composed.  To her credit she worked on it, not all at once, but pacing herself at a rate any seasoned procrastinator would be proud of.  Last night she had no homework, so she said, other than to finish the project.  When she went to pull out her project she found that she had left it in her desk.  Oh the horror!  The screaming, the crying and the hollering was terrible.  Her brothers scattered.  One even hid in his closet to do his homework, where the screaming was at least "less loud."

Oh, the mental anguish this child put herself through, it was torturous to watch.  All of my suggestions, recommendations and conciliatory remarks were batted aside.  The world was quite obviously coming to an end, and we were all going down with her. Finally, not knowing what to do I called her father to have him talk with her. If anyone of us were to stand a chance it would be him.  Because, "Daddy" can fix anything.

He listened as she described the problem, consoled her while she cried, and brainstormed with her on how to finish the project with the information she had.  All the while I listened just out of sight.  Right before she got off the phone I heard her say the magical words, "I should have listened to Mom. She was right."  WooHoo.  Oh the bliss.  I know it may take 20 years for me to hear those words again.  I reveled in the glory of it all. May I say, It was wonderful.

This morning I was once again a drooling idiot, because I should remember that today she has computer because yesterday she had art. (duh.)  But,  yesterday for a brief 60 second moment I was RIGHT.
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