Over this past weekend I worked on lots of UFO's.  I must say it is a wonderful feeling getting things accomplished.  I finished the teddy bears up, which was no small feat. Actually there are 4 small feet. heehee. ok, I know it's corny :)

  I finally bound and hung the bargello quilt which I have dicided to call The Arroyo.

 On top of that, I managed to finish up the  border on this heart quilt I started for Valentine's Day.This is a project found in Jelly Roll Inspirations by Pam and Nicky Lincott called Candy Heart.   This was one of those projects I started and thought, "I be able to just whip this out in a couple of days."  Yea, six weeks latter...

  All of that and my children are alive and accounted for.  Now that is successful!
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