Tree House Update

Many of you have requested an update on the tree house. Here are the most recent pictures. We have all of the walls framed. We are starting on the outside fence slats that will line the lower half of the walls. We are also starting to place the railing around the "deck" area. John and Mark cut down some smaller trees to use as deck railing.

Most of those are oak of some type. Let me tell you that is one hard tree to drill through. Initially we planned on making the railings and the pickets out of the oak trees. After one frustrating and sweaty day of putting up one railing we are rethinking that plan. While I was sick the 'men' took over the tree house building and now some modifications have been made to the plan. (figures)

It should take us the rest of the summer to get it together but like Mark says, "What else have we got to do this summer?" HA!
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