Change in PURSE-spective

Appliqueing 61 little 2.5 inch circles gets a little tiresome. I have been working every night on Emma's Garden quilt. I am making headway but it's slow going. I found myself dreading the evenings when I sit and stitch. Besides which my fingers need a little recovery time from the numerous pokes and stabbings.

Rarely do I have to go far to stumble onto a new project. God knows I have several unfinished ones I can pick up at anytime. I wasn't in the mood to finish anything. I wanted to START something new.

I was at Hancock last week, strictly because I had to get something, which I currently don't remember, but it was an errand with a specific goal, I think. Anyway, while I was there I stumbled upon a rack of black and white prints. I LOVE the black and white prints they have out now. Well, since I had a coupon that would expire if I didn't use it; I decided to pick up some black and white fabrics. I didn't have a project in mind at the time, I had little doubt that I would stumble upon one soon.

Well would you believe I found just the thing to use that fabric on, and no it's not a tote. It is totally different than a tote, a purse. I found this awesome pattern (here) at Warehouse Fabrics Inc. Now before you get all up in my face, I honestly needed a new purse. I always need new purses. I have been looking for a new purse for at least a month and have been unable to find one that I liked and that I could afford (that is always the catch). This pattern definitely fit the bill. Besides it is essentially free because I already have the fabric in my stash. (See how that works.)

This pattern was fun and easy to make. There are lots of pictures on the tutorial, which I love. I like the idea of making your own purse because you can add as many pockets as you wish! How great is that?! I only made one modification adding a button to the pocket with a flap, I am forever dumping my purse. The pleats can be a little tricky, especially when you are trying to "make the pleats lay naturally" to sew the pockets onto the sides of the bag. Still unsure if my pleats are lying naturally or unnaturally but I have pockets (4 of them).

The purse is big enough to hold all of my things and then whatever the kids need me to "hold" for them. The only thing I will probably do different next time is make the strap a little longer, more of a messenger bag length. That is strictly personal preference.

For now I am back to sewing on circles. Hmm, unless I can find a wallet pattern.

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