Another Tote!

If you are tired of hearing about my adventures in tote making, this is not the post for you. I have indeed finished yet another Teacher tote. This tote is for Jack's teacher. You may remember that she is expecting her 2nd child in June. This tote/diaper bag matches the baby quilt. This tote was made from a pattern designed by Penny Sturges and is called the Pocket Parade Tote. This pattern was quite easy to follow despite a typographical error or two. Odd for a pattern that one has to purchase. Don't you think? I digress.

The exterior of the tote has 4 pockets and a handy set of D-rings for attaching various items. The inside is loaded with extra pockets and is roomy enough of hold a certain matching baby quilt. I tried not to make it too 'teacher-ish' after all it is also for the baby. But, I wanted her to be able to use the tote for things other than diapers. For even if it may seem like they will NEVER be out of diapers, they all do eventually grow up.

The shower for her is this Friday and Jack is bursting with excitement for his teacher and her new baby.

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