By now you are all aware of my tote, lets just call it a fixation. So far I have made 8 totes. I am pleased with most of them but, there is one that has been driving me CRAZY! You know how you make something and it just isn't right. Somehow what you envisioned didn't transform itself into your reality. Well, this tote is just such a case. I have been stewing over it ever since I made it. Something about it really bothered me. I didn't really know what at first, and then I realized it seemed unbalanced. The bottom of the tote has so much activity and movement. This made the top seem well, boring. I didn't feel as though it it really was my best use of fabric. All in all, I basically hated it. That is until I came up with a solution. It need embellishment! But what? I thought and doodled and tried to figure out what I could add to make it look cute. After all I did not want to make a bad tote worse by adding trashy ribbons or rick-rack. After much thought and intense self-discussion I decided on Hand Embroidery. This is not something I have done much of, so I was a bit apprehensive. I tried and tried to come up with cute little quote or saying to add to the tote. After tossing out Teachers have class! Teachers Rule! and A+ teacher I settled on the much overused #1 Teacher.

I also added a dashed line around the lower border to mimic the effect of ruled paper. Now I am much happier with the design and I can move on in peace.
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