Pretty Little Pouches

Over the weekend I found this pouch tutorial from Noodlehead. (Here's the link)  The very same blog where I found the cargo bag pattern.  Awesome.  This is her Open Wide Zippered Pouch.

I love that these pouches have the extra long zipper and the cute little zipper tag!  The extra wide opening makes accessing what you are looking for that much easier to find on the bottom.  (Let's be honest that's always were you find it. )

The pattern makes three different pouch sizes.  I decided to use up the canvas I had left from my failed corn hole bags.  I only had enough fabric left to make the small and medium size pouches.  I even had the right size zippers on hand!  Amazing!  That almost never happens. Sadly I am feeling the need to make the largest size, which means buying more fabric.


Not only are these pouches cute and practical they also nest!  Now when your not using them, they can store each other.  Nice and neat and out of the way!  I know mine will be put to good use!  What are you going to do with yours?
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