A New Challenge {& a giveaway}

Have you seen my quilts page recently?  How about my projects page.  If you have you have probably noticed a few changes.  I ran across a blog post last week that inspired me to change up my pages.  I thought a complete overhaul of the  blog would be a great idea.  After a week of learning HTML and CSS code, I am happy I got as far as I did.  A big challenge.  I am also working on a new website design, but don't hold your breath you won't see that until next year.

If you do get a chance to hop over to my projects page, you will see My South Carolina Block for the 
American Made Brand 50 states tour.  The links are updated and posted here check them out for the first time or get caught up where you left off before Summer.

The American Made Brand people are sponsoring a new Challenge and it is one we can all enter.  The Farm to Fabric Challenge is open through August 15th.  You can go here: http://americanmadebrand.com/farm-to-fabric-challenge/  to get all the details. I have my design all sketched out, sadly I cannot share it with you yet.  :(

Edited- July15 2014 Drawing for the tote bag will be July 18th!

I have also got a little Giveaway for you.

This cute AMB tote, comes without the veggies, but at 13 x 15”, is perfect for visiting farmer’s markets, toting a sewing project, knitting projects, embroidery project or pretty much anything you can think of.  The logo is printed on both sides and, of course, the bag is also made in the US of A.  
If you would like to win this tote just leave me a comment below.  Happy Quilting!

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