Can't a Girl Just Hammer

Both my machines are finally, finally  repaired.  Hopefully this means many more hours of sewing.  Since they are both back in working order I found it appropriate that I start sewing!  The first thing I wanted to do was finish those Cargo Duffels I started back in May.  I am using Noodlehead's Cargo Duffel pattern.  You can find it here. I sewed up the last one and finished off the interior binding in record time.  Sadly, it was then I realized that I had no snaps left.  sigh.

Eventually, I did pick up the snaps.  I sat down in the hot, humid, sticky garage to install the snaps.  I have these Dritz brand snaps.

This package comes with all the essential snap installing hardware.  Which is Awesome.  After having marked the placement of the snaps, I set out working on punching the holes needed in the fabric.  This kit even comes with a little punch for making the perfect size hole.  How nice is that? With hammer in one hand and punch in the other I set out to make some holes.

Not 4 hits with the hammer later, my oldest son comes out into the garage and says, "Why are you making all of that noise?"
"I'm installing snaps."
"With a hammer?" he asked.
Looking at the hammer I have to admit is does sound a bit crazy but I simply say, "yes."
He shrugs and goes inside.

Once all the holes are punched, I switched out my punch for the other little "doodads" that are required to install the snaps.  (I assure you the directions on the back of the package are much clearer than I am.)

After I have the first snap installed the garage door opens (again) and my second son says, "What are you doing?"
Again, "I'm installing snaps."
"What are you installing snaps on?" he asks.
"These cargo bags."
'Okay." he says and then leaves.

I finish the snaps on the first bag and start on the second.  These snaps take practically no time to install which is a good thing.  The bad thing is that the temperature in South Carolina has been nearly 100 degrees.  The humidity has surly been 100%.  The temperature in the garage is at least that hot and of course, there is NO breeze. By now I have sweat pouring into my eyes and down my back and I just want to get back into the air conditioning.

I start the second bag and no sooner than I get the first snap installed, my husband steps into the garage.
"What are you working on?" he asks.
"I am just trying to finish these flipping' bags!  Why does everyone keep asking me? It's a billion degrees in this garage and I am hot, sweaty and irritable!  Can't I just bang something once in a while!  Does everyone need to ask me Why!"
and he left.  (smart man)

Good news Bags are finished and all are alive.

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