Christmas finish {in July?}

This is the year!  I can feel it.  Every year I think to myself, "This year I will get Christmas done early."  And yet every year I am working on projects right up to Christmas Eve. Well, I say, NO MORE!  I declare that this is the year I will have all my Christmas projects done by Thanksgiving!

HA! HA! HA!  Good One!  Almost had myself believing it!

Doesn't matter how much I plan, how much I get done,  I will always, always find something to try to make and squeeze in at the last minute.  However, I have gotten one project out of the way.  My Brother and his wife brought a beautiful baby girl into the world this March.  This will be her first Christmas.  She will totally need a stocking for all her goodies.

Last year I made these stockings for my brother's family.  The new little one could not be left out of the matching family stockings.  I started piecing these hexies in June and just yesterday finished up the Embroidery for the name.

While I made each stocking similar, they are each a little different.  Different trim around the cuff, different Christmas decoration on the cuff and a different backing.  My own little touch to personalize them a little.

With this stocking I had this reindeer fabric from last season and I thought it would be the perfect thing for a wee little one.

I even fussy cut out a reindeer hexie for the front.  How Cute is that?!

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