Table Runner with Free-Motion Feathers

I had the privilege to quilt this table runner for My Mom.  She made this beautiful table runner out of several outdoor fabric remnants.  To be honest I wasn't sure how well my long-arm would quilt through the thicker, heavier fabrics.  It did great!  Not one problem.

I started taking the Craftsy class, Free Motion Quilting With Feathers by Angela Walters in January.  I decided to use this quilt to help me practice.  Since the table runner was broken down into small block sections, I used each section to practice my feathers.

Initially, I was really critical of my feathers.  They are uneven, the petals of the feather are misshapen, I didn't fill in the space well enough.   Whatever.  I had to remember that I was learning.  Duh.  Sounds easy enough when you are encouraging someone else, yet when you have to encourage yourself, it can be utterly impossible.   This is the third Craftsy class I have taken of Angela Walters' and the one thing I absolutely LOVE about her classes is how relaxed she is about quilting.  One of my favorite quotes, the thing she says over and over in all of her classes is "There is no such thing as perfection in free motion quilting."  How Great is that!  Not only is she encouraging but she is willing to say, Hey! Mistakes are okay and part of the process.   Awesome.

It wasn't until I was finished quilting and I was able to look at the quilt from the back that I was able to see my progress.  I was improving, slowly, but improving.  The different size blocks allowed me to play with different lengths of feathers, echoing my feathers and on occasion adding a swirl here and there.  It turned out to be the perfect piece for free motion feathers.  Thanks Mom!

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