A book review {& Sweet Little Coin Purses.}

The other day I went to the library to pick up a book I had placed on hold.  When I arrived at the desk the librarian said I had 2 items on hold.  Two?  I didn't remember putting a hold on two.  I couldn't imagine what else I had put on hold. When the librarian returned I looked down on the counter and found that at some point I had reserved Best of Stitch Bags to Sew by Interweave.  Okay,  I thought  I give it a go.

What I found was a treasure of 20 wonderful bag patterns large and small. Many of the patterns are from bloggers and blogs that I follow. And a few that I need to start following. How did not know about this?

I immediately went through and book marked 5 patterns I need to sew.  (okay so I am going to need to renew it at least once, possibly twice)

I started with little stitches coin purses by Rachael Hauser. You can find an old blog post about the purses (HERE).   So cute. It is ideas like these that really make my ideas seem just so BLAH.

 I pulled my embroidery floss back out and got busy stitching up the fronts of these little Rainbow Purses. I have stitched up two of these little purses so far.  I have not yet attempted to glue the purse into the purse frame, which I have to admit I am a little hesitant to do.  Glue and I, well let's just say we don't always play well together.

Today I am getting adventurous and stepping ever so slightly out of the box.  I downloaded a hand embroidery pattern, Dancing Daisies Garden from Needle and Thread and plan to change up the motif and learn a few new stitches in the process.  I am also stitching on 100% pure cotton linen, a first for me, we'll see  how that compares to the Kona solid I used with the rainbow stitches.

A little aside:  When I made a trip out to Hancock Fabrics to pick out the linen it just so happened that they had the Best of Stitch Bags to Sew.  Not only that, but all the books were on sale! It was fate, destiny and a 50% off coupon that put us together.

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