Loving Homemade

This past weekend along with Mother's day was also my Birthday.  It was a glorious weekend with breakfast made for me, a lunch and shopping date with my hubby and lots of homemade gifts and cards. Let me just say, "I felt Loved."   I love receiving homemade gifts.  It puts life into perspective.  Reminds me of what is truly important.

I did some sewing on Friday before the weekend.  Still working on the end of the year teacher gifts.  I know! sew many!  But really, I do stop making gifts once the kids are in High School, my time is running short. (sniff)

Recently I have stumbled upon several key fob and lanyard patterns.  They are a wonderful idea for busy moms (or dads) on the go.  Who doesn't need an extra hand?  There are days when I could you several.  Thinking that the key fobs and lanyard paired nicely with the pouches I have been making I set out to try my hand at making a few.

First the lanyard.  I used this tutorial by Gen X Quilters.  A very simple and straight forward tutorial that took me all of 15 minutes. It is a fairly good length for me, but I am of a smallish stature.

I then moved on to the key fob.  There are literally hundreds of patterns and tutorials for lanyards and key chains.  I chose this pattern at The Idea Room simply because I had all of the materials on hand.

I used these sweet planters the kids filled for me as my mother's day gifts as my background for the photos.  How, I ask, could a mom not love that?

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