Disney Days

I am just about recovered from my trip to Disney with the middle school honor band. A weekend filled with 80 teens, 14 adults, 2 nine hour bus rides and only about 15 hours of sleep total just about drove me over the edge.  But isn't that the stuff that memories are made of?

  While there the band participated in Disney's Magical Performing Arts.  A 4 hour extravaganza where the kids learned the music, performed the music and then watched as their music was put to animation.  How cool is that?!  Although their ideas of fun may have differed, kids and adults all had a wonderful time!

It was weird to walk around without the rest of my family.  I was amazed at how much the kids have grown since our last Disney trip.  I looked around and realized how many of the rides they have outgrown.  Wasn't it only yesterday I waited in line with Emma for Dumbo?  Now there is no way she would be caught dead riding it with her 'Mom'!  Looks like we may have to schedule one more Disney trip with the kids while they still want to ride with us.

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