I really should know better....

I have Loads and Loads on my plate right now.  With a husband who travels, three kids (the end of school fast approaching)  and a long list of things on my "to do" list I really do have plenty to keep me busy.  Yet, that didn't stop me from wandering into the quilt section of the local library and checking out this book.  It is Amy Butler's Style Stitches. It has such cute patterns and I love Amy's vibrant colors and bold patterned fabric.  They really make the bags in the book POP!

I dug through my stash and came up with this scrap.  I just happen to have enough of this print to make a couple of other items in the book, just sayin'. 

I paired it with this light color aquamarine for the lining.  I really think light colors make the best linings.  It makes it much easier to see those tiny little things hiding in the bottom of your bag.

And here is my finished version of the Key Keeper Coin Purse. Isn't she adorable.

It really is a tiny thing measuring only about 5.5 in X 5.5-ish inches.  Just big enough for coins, or jewelry or a few Lego people.  It has a cute little loop where a key ring would fit nicely.

This zipper was not the easiest to install.  The entire time I kept thinking, there has to be a better way!  Perhaps reading through the directions first would have been wise.  Ya Think? I guess I was just too excited!  The inside of the pouch also has a pocket, a cute design option but I feel it is an unnecessary extra for such a tiny little thing. 

Amy's book includes a matching purse pattern, in two sizes.  I might have to make one up.  Later.

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