Duck Tape

It must be a 5th grade thing.  It certainly is a girl thing. For my girl and many of her friends making things out of duck tape is the new "in" thing.  After a recent slumber party where they did fun and crafty things my 5th grader came home ready to duck tape any and everything.  Thankfully there is YouTube.  There are lots, I mean LOTS of YouTube videos for making things out of duck tape. Duck Tape in hand Emma set out to make a few things.  First we have duck tape flowers.

You have probably seen at least one of these adorning a pen at your local Doctors office.  I know I have.  If you know us, rest assured you will have your own soon. I am talking to you Grandparents.  Next, Emma decided to make a few hair bows for her younger cousins.  Adorable.  These she made up herself.  I am sure there is a tutorial out there if you really, really want your own.

Lastly, she made this...

What is this you ask?  Funny I asked the same thing.  I said, "Hm.  This is an interesting..a...Bookmark?"  (notice the hesitancy) To which she replied, "Mom, It's not a bookmark.  It's a churro."  Well, duh.  I knew that.  A churro (the same cinnamon-y, sugar-y fried pastry popular in Mexico?  One in the same.)   No tutorial for this one folks.  This one is all Emma.

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