This week along with finishing a t-shirt quilt and attending the Constitutional Convention, I was able to get one more Curves Class project checked off my list.  This beautiful Orange peel Pillow was a testament to patience.  More than once I had to make myself walk away.  If I didn't I was sure to keep sewing into the wee hours of the morning.  Those who know me will attest to the fact that nights are not my best time. I get sleep, then sloppy and then mistakes, often big mistakes happen.  As a self proclaimed type A person leaving projects unfinished drives me insane, so walking away was so HARD.  I am glad I did because the results are well worth the time and patience.  

I am much happier with this result than I was with the scallop quilt.  I contribute this to taking my time and slowing down.  Curves are hard enough on their own.  I certainly don't need to make it worse by being tired and sloppy.  I used the same fabric selection I chose for The Clamshell Pillow, making them a very cute unmatched, matched set. Don't you think?

  I still need to run into the store and pick up some buttons to finish off the back.  The pins work but they are painful to sit on. :)

The only real problem I ran into was that I picked up the wrong size pillow form.  A sad case of 1. not making a list and 2. not reading the directions clearly.  I had to make a few modifications to the border and curve my points to make the form I did purchase work.  I'll admit I could have exchanged it but I just didn't need one more thing to do and I was so excited to finish!


Who Am I?

We the people of the United States of America... The Preamble to the constitution.  At one time or another  we studied the constitution and learned about the drafting and signing of that all important historical document.  If you need a refresher see here.

This year Emma and her 4th grade class had to memorize the preamble and recite it.  They also had to be able to summarize the preamble in their own words, a difficult task for adults let alone 4th graders.  It was wonderful to see her excited about school.  Maybe excited isn't the right word, perhaps less than annoyed with school would be a better definition.  

Regardless, today was that historic of days when we gathered together to watch the Signing of the Constitution.  The children decorated the stage at school with tables, paper windows and large desk that held that all important document.  

James Madison

Then the children chose a delegate and dressed in costume to portray that delegate.  How cute they all were.  Once on stage the class recited a short list of their characters accomplishments, employment, birth and death dates, with the hopes of having the parents guess who they were.  (you were not allowed to guess your child, because that of course would be cheating.)

Emma  chose James Madison, primary author of the Constitution.

Let me just start by saying that I for one am not a history buff, or one who is good with names.  I was completely blown away by the number of names on the constitution I did not know!  Who are these founding fathers?  And no John Hancock was not one of them. 


picture this

Okay, my life has finally calmed down enough to up load some pictures of things I have been working on.  I told you about the scallop quilt in the last post, with promises of pictures.  Well here it is! 
My scallops are much less than perfect, so much so that this is as close as you are getting to the points on this quilt.  I used a print for the focus fabric, not liking it so much.  Next time I will definitely be using all solids.
Scallop Quilt

I have been working on this Twin bed t-shirt quilt for a client for the last 3 weeks, minus of course healing time for my hand injury. Which is healing, slowly, very slowly.  I won't bore you will all of the details but keeping in mind my past history of illness, we'll just say it didn't go as planed.


Just finished quilting
back of t-shirt quilt.

Finally, I am getting back to working on the quilts from the final two weeks of curves class.  Assuming I am able to keep all of my digits, I should be finished with those projects by mid-may. :)


An unfortunate curve

Things around here have been CRAZY!  Mama, of course, is smack dab in the middle of it all!  I did manage to finish up the top to my version of The Scallop Quilt.  I had so many problems with this pattern.  My biggest problem was that my curved blocks were all distorted.  I don't think one block came out square.

(sorry no picture at this point)

 I was getting very, very frustrated with it when I believe I discovered the cause.  Ironing.  I usually iron with steam, but with curves, at least this pattern, I had to turn off the steam.  I had forgotten how much the team stretches your fabric.  Ugh.  I really want to try another quilt using the same pattern now that I know what I am doing.

Unfortunately, I had a little rotary cutting "incident."  A new sharp blade, a new quilt pattern combined with wonderful fun conversation, and I got a little careless.  A little blood, 2 hours in Urgent Care and 3 stitches later and I'll be good as new!  So quilting is on the back burner for a few more days. :(


busy stitches

 I am exactly 2.5 weeks behind on my curves class projects. sigh. Yesterday was the last day of classes. The online class from Stitched in Color has been a great learning experience.  Rachel did a great job with the class and the projects.  Initially, I had planned on doing only one project a week, a good goal I thought.  However, her projects are so darn beautiful that you want to do them all! (secretly I think she planned this)  I am currently working on my own version of the Scallop Quilt.

 I finished up the hen and chicks, the Irish Chain quilt and this Penn State Quilt (looks amazingly similar to the first Penn State Quilt). The back is different.

 Again I quilted the Popcorn All over quilt pattern. I find the smooth looping pattern quite mesmerizing.

I had a few small sewing projects thrown it.  I whipped up this sling for Jack's Trebuchet Project.

 It is just the right size for flinging mini-marshmallows around.  :)

 I also took a few minutes out of my busy quilting schedule personalize Mark's Soccer Jacket.  He loves it which was great since it was Iron on Embroidered letters.  The only down size is that now the entire team wants me to do their jackets. Don't worry Mark assures me they will pay me.  Hmm.  26 jackets, I think not.


Irish Chain

This week I finished up the Irish Chain Quilt.  I have been working on and off for at least a month.   Okay, technically I still have the label to stitch on but for the most part it is finished.

I quilted a feathered arch around the outer border.  The navy border has a vine and leaf pattern.  The body of the quilt is just basic meander.  

I had a difficult time getting a good shot of the quilting.  (Just so sunny here :)

Notice my classy soccer goal/quilt photography stand.

I had a few extra blocks which I added to the back.  The biggest surprise to me was the way the blocks on the back formed X's and O's.  Hugs and Kisses.  Too Cute!  This is perfect since this will be a wedding present. 


A Day in The Sun

After a weekend of rain, clouds and wind Tuesday brought clear skies and lots of Sun!  While the temperature hovered in the 50's, the sun was enough to entice everyone outside.  I was certainly not the exception, I wanted out into that sunshine!  During my time outside I spotted a Hen and her chicks. What A beautiful spring site!

 I tried to be quite while I snapped a few photos.  This mother was certainly not going to let me get too close.

Aren't these Chicks precious!

Even with the best of intentions, I still managed to unnerve the mother.  She gathered her chicks up under her wings and took off back to the farm.

Okay. You have figured out that the hen and her chicks are not real.  They are so very cute!  I stitched these up from Anna Marie Horner's book Handmade Beginnings: 24 sewing projects to welcome baby.   They are made out of soft flannel fabric and are so cuddly!    The Mother hen has a strip of velcro under each wing.  The chick's wings are made out of the opposite side of the velcro. The chicks can easily hide when danger is afoot!  I couldn't resist making these for my nephew for Easter.  


Somewhere over the Rainbow Road

Well here it is my finished Rainbow Road Quilt!  I love this project.  It was fun (and quite frustrating at times).  My curves are not as curvy as I would have liked.  But that is why I took this class, to work on my curves, right?  Even though I have been quilting for 10 years (can that be right?) the Curves class is really eye opening.

 I have learned so many new things.  It is wonderfully refreshing to have a new take on putting together blocks, piecing, quilting and even binding my quilts. I increased the length of my Rainbow Road Table Runner to extend over the edge of my Dining room table.  I also left the edges curvy.   The long length of the quilt emphasizes the curvy edge.  Unfortunately, the curvy edge requires a bias binding, which I didn't remember until I saw my edges curling up.  Now my quilt curves everywhere! To add extra curve I quilted a Feather Filler from Leah Day's Second book From Feathers to Flames.

I also managed to finish up my Drunkard's Path trivet.  What a cute little project!

This week I have been swamped, so I am getting rather behind on my class.  There are so many awesome projects that I am inspired to create!  Just so little time.