This week along with finishing a t-shirt quilt and attending the Constitutional Convention, I was able to get one more Curves Class project checked off my list.  This beautiful Orange peel Pillow was a testament to patience.  More than once I had to make myself walk away.  If I didn't I was sure to keep sewing into the wee hours of the morning.  Those who know me will attest to the fact that nights are not my best time. I get sleep, then sloppy and then mistakes, often big mistakes happen.  As a self proclaimed type A person leaving projects unfinished drives me insane, so walking away was so HARD.  I am glad I did because the results are well worth the time and patience.  

I am much happier with this result than I was with the scallop quilt.  I contribute this to taking my time and slowing down.  Curves are hard enough on their own.  I certainly don't need to make it worse by being tired and sloppy.  I used the same fabric selection I chose for The Clamshell Pillow, making them a very cute unmatched, matched set. Don't you think?

  I still need to run into the store and pick up some buttons to finish off the back.  The pins work but they are painful to sit on. :)

The only real problem I ran into was that I picked up the wrong size pillow form.  A sad case of 1. not making a list and 2. not reading the directions clearly.  I had to make a few modifications to the border and curve my points to make the form I did purchase work.  I'll admit I could have exchanged it but I just didn't need one more thing to do and I was so excited to finish!
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