Who Am I?

We the people of the United States of America... The Preamble to the constitution.  At one time or another  we studied the constitution and learned about the drafting and signing of that all important historical document.  If you need a refresher see here.

This year Emma and her 4th grade class had to memorize the preamble and recite it.  They also had to be able to summarize the preamble in their own words, a difficult task for adults let alone 4th graders.  It was wonderful to see her excited about school.  Maybe excited isn't the right word, perhaps less than annoyed with school would be a better definition.  

Regardless, today was that historic of days when we gathered together to watch the Signing of the Constitution.  The children decorated the stage at school with tables, paper windows and large desk that held that all important document.  

James Madison

Then the children chose a delegate and dressed in costume to portray that delegate.  How cute they all were.  Once on stage the class recited a short list of their characters accomplishments, employment, birth and death dates, with the hopes of having the parents guess who they were.  (you were not allowed to guess your child, because that of course would be cheating.)

Emma  chose James Madison, primary author of the Constitution.

Let me just start by saying that I for one am not a history buff, or one who is good with names.  I was completely blown away by the number of names on the constitution I did not know!  Who are these founding fathers?  And no John Hancock was not one of them. 

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