Happy 10th Birthday Emma

Emma 6 months

This past weekend my BABY turned 10!  I cannot believe how fast she has grown.  Nowhere was this more evident that during our vacation this past week.  We spent the week in Florida hopping from one theme park to another.  It was completely exhausting and lots of fun.  The kids enjoyed every minute of it.
Emma riding Woody Woodpecker Coaster

What I learned about my youngest was wondrous.  I watched in amazement as my youngest begged and pleaded to ride the biggest, fast roller coaster in the park. She was always the first to take Dad's hand and drag him off to one thrill ride or another.  Surprisingly, she came off each laughing, smiling and talking a mile a minute.  However, when she wasn't tall enough to ride some of the bigger coasters she was crushed by disappointment.
Emma riding Rip-it Coaster

 Until this vacation I never thought much of being the youngest.  I am the oldest in my family.  I am aware of the pressures, responsibilities and demands of being the oldest.  As the oldest, the youngest always seemed to get everything.  What could possibly be wrong with getting your way all the time! Why would you not want to be coddled and cared for by your older siblings?  It never occurred to me that being the youngest could have negative as well as positive aspects.

Emma in the hula-hoop contest

Watching Emma brave the rides with the bigger kids I began to see just how much she wants to be excepted.  How she wants to be one of them.  When I look at my daughter now I see that she is becoming one of them.  Everyday she is trying something new, acting a bit older and taking on more responsibility.  She IS becoming a big kid.  I couldn't be prouder.
Emma Age 10
Happy Birthday Emma!

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