Baby Quilt

I am a big fan of the Moda Bakeshop website.  I love flipping through all of the projects.  Such inspiration! If you haven't been before be sure to check it out.

I found this project, "Hoopla Pops Quilt" and knew it had to be made.  Usually I do not copy patterns using the same fabric the designer used, but for this one I loved the fabrics!  I just had to have them.  The bright colors and bold prints are so cheery.  What a great baby quilt.

I found myself starting this project before I even considered testing out the vacuum.  Why vacuum when sewing just adds threads to the floor?!  Certainly it is more efficient to vacuum after the sewing has been completed.  Why I ask you would I make more work for myself?  Vacuum twice, I don't think so.

I did branch out and try a new heart design on this quilt.  I found a link to Nichole Webb's youtube video for Bottoms Up Hearts.  I have been practicing them for days and finally got up the courage to try them out.  Her design has you start the heart from the bottom and move up (hence the name) and this is backwards from my typical method of making hearts.  It was quite the challenge.

I love this quilt!  I cannot say it enough.  It makes me happy just to look at it.  I think it will make a great baby play mat.  Now I need to come up with some cute fabric toys to match it.  Hmm. Maybe some soft blocks?  or a fabric basket to hold the toys?  I'll let you know when I decide.

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