The Rundown

Can it really be Mid June?  I have not posted since May?  Wow!  Here is a short rundown of the last two weeks.

June 1--Emma's Third grade class presented the parents with an incredibly moving and tearjerking presentation of all the things they have learned in Third Grade.  I am completely in awe their techno-savy-ness. (new word)  I completely expect Emma to be posting for me in the next few years.

June 2- Jack graduates from 5th grade. (Jack with his teacher, Mr. Acquisto, and two of his buds)

 Emma has a "County Fair" at school to commemorate the reading of Charlotte's Web.  I didn't think it was at all possible to have a Diva Cowgirl.  I was seriously mistaken.

Mark Graduates from 8th grade.  Then he is Confirmed 30 minutes later. (Mark in a suit.  Truly an age defining moment)

 Celebrate all events with cake and presents at home.

It is at this moment with the opening of the presents that I should have seen it coming.  Everything had run so smoothly up until this point. If there were subtle signs that it wouldn't last I completely overlooked them.  But at this moment, with the happiness overflowing, it all started down hill.  I mentioned before Emma's techno-savy skills, what I failed to mention was that she has been begging, pleading and generally been pestering me for and iPod Touch for months.  A request that I have been FIRMLY refusing.  At this very moment when Mark opened his new iPod Touch, a confirmation gift from Uncle Dom and Aunt Maggi, Emma's world came crashing down around us her.  Oh, the drama that ensued over the unfairness of Mark getting an iPod and not her.  The tears and screams were almost unbearable. Life it appears is ToTaLly UnFair.

June 3- Last day of school-  Everyone has class parties.  Everyone is feeling the excitement, except for mom who is feeling a head cold coming on.  Mom finishes packing for trip to Philadelphia.

June 4- Up at 4:30am to catch a 7 am flight to Philadelphia.  My congestion worsens. I develop a cough.  Stop at CVS on the way to Hotel in Philadelphia to pick up zinc, Sudafed, and cough drops.

Meet up with cousins, sisters, brother, Nonna's, Aunts and Uncles in Philadelphia.

Drag family around historic places.  Have lunch at the Market.  Get dressed for rehearsal.  Attend wonderful and delicious rehearsal dinner at Brio.

June 5- Mom's cold not improving.  Mass at St. John's in downtown Philadelphia. Take short nap.  Sew sashes on girls dresses.   Get ready for wedding. Run to catch shuttle to wedding.  Try to apply make-up on shuttle without poking myself in the eye.   Spend a wonderful day at Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia.

Attend a beautiful wedding.  Watch bridesmaids and grooms men look too cute.

 Enjoy cocktails, cold medicine and cough drops.  Re-apply makeup frequently to nose to hide redness.  Leave wedding early due to fever and total body shutdown.  Have asthma attack on way back to hotel.  Arrive at hotel and completely CRASH.

June 6- Up at 1 am with croup. Spend 30 minutes in walk-in freezer in hotel before being escorted by hotel security to ER.  Spend a 8 hours in ER in Philidelphia being treated for Croup.  Discharged from ER with meds and note for airlines that I am unable to fly for 24 hours.  Extend hotel stay.  Spend day in bed sleeping, coughing, sleeping, coughing, blowing nose and generally feeling like @#$!

June 7-  Up early to  catch flight back to Columbia.  Mom able to breath, voice horse, throat sore but generally not much better.  Sleep on plane home.  Get home.  Unpack, Do laundry. Go to bed early.

June 8- Repack for trip to Alabama for regional soccer tournament.  Drive around Lexington gathering things needed for trip.  Drop off Emma, pick up two additional children.  Drive to Atlanta.  Spend night with 4 boys in a less than stellar hotel listening to a lifetime supply of jokes surrounding male genitalia.  Still coughing, blowing nose and have lost voice completely.

June 9- Drive to Decatur Alabama in time for The President's Cup Regional Tournaments Opening Ceremony.  Sit through all 15 minutes of opening ceremony wondering why I bothered to arrive at all.

Enjoy watching Soccer team mingle with other teams.

June 10- Up at 5:30 for Soccer match.

Sit through 2 games in 95 degree heat.  Breathing difficult, Cough almost tolerable, Nose continues to drain.  Considering buying stock in cough drop and kleenex company.  Watch Mark Break Goalie's Leg and injure his own.  Sadly soccer team looses both matches.  After diner, sit by the pool trying to converse with parents and not infect them at the same time.

June 11-  Watch final match.  Endure the heat one last time.  Watch Mark sitting on the bench injured.  (Mental note: Next Regional Tournament send Dad with Mark.) Enjoy a delirious 8 hour car ride in the back seat of Toyota. Mark unable to bend knee to get into back of car.  Arrive home tired, still sick, able to breathe, coughing less and still no voice. Throw contents of suitcase on floor and decide that tomorrow is a better day to unpack.

June 12-  Celebrate 18 year Anniversary by watching husband and son screen in porch.  Enjoy shopping with Emma, Eating cake and generally enjoying the fact that I do not have to repack. After a request from my children that I "please don't talk,", given a whistle to signal my need for their attention.  Look at  suitcases and decide that they really do look good right where they are.

June 13-Voice still not improving.  Schedule doctors appointment for am.  I am certain this alone will improve the quality of my voice. Run children to appointments.  Decide tomorrow I will definitely need to do a load of laundry.

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Nancy said...

Oh my goodness..you have been drug through the past weeks...hopefully you can get some rest and start recovering... just prop your feet up onto those suitcases...they aren't going anywhere...