Quick Wit and Clean Floors

Hi. I am Kristin and I have dirty carpet.  Yesterday, due to unforeseen circumstances, my vacuum belt broke.  Not only did it break but the belt wrapped itself around the drive shaft.  (at least I was told it was the drive shaft.)  I am not nor do I pretend to be a vacuum expert.  

Today, my oldest decided to "help" by dismembering my vacuum.  I'll admit, I was skeptical.  Okay, more than skeptical, terrified.  I had visions of my vacuum in 101 pieces with my child standing over it saying, "Uh, mom.  I am not really sure how to put this back together, but the drive shaft is clean now." Great Just Great.  Another trip to the store to replace something that he tried to fix. 

While sitting on the floor Jack, my second oldest, asked Mark, "What'cha doing Mark?"  
Mark replied in complete sarcasm, "What does it look like I am doing?"  (I just love to watch them tear each others' throats out. I am so proud.)
Jack inquired, "Does Mom know that you are doing that?" (all in all a really good question)
"Duh, of course." sneers Mark 
"So, ah, Why are you taking apart the vacuum?"  Jack continues to pester Mark with questions.
"Because Mom wants me to fix the vacuum before the dust bunnies start to multiply." Mark mumbles.
To which Jack fires back, "Just let me know when they start doing long division."
After a few minutes of silence Mark starts to giggle, and giggle and I know he finally has gotten it.

Fortunately, at this point Mark enlisted the help of Jack in the taking apart process.  I know Mark is really, really trying to help and that he has good intentions.  And I know given guidance and direction there would not be a problem.  But lets just say Mark is more like a runaway chain saw and less like a mechanic.  Jack however has a much more methodical and organized mind. I would like to Thank the good people at LEGO for Jack's methodology for  now my vacuum is indeed back together. It remains to be seen if it will work when plugged in. Perhaps tomorrow I will try.  For now I have quilts that need worked on.
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