Bye MarK!

The good thing about having a 14 year old is well... I am sure there is something, just give me a second.  Hmm.  Oh!  The good thing about having a 14 year old is you get to remember what high school was like without actually having to go back and do it again.  I may change my tune as the year progresses but for now, we're good.

Yesterday, on our return trip from the lake, I needed to stop off at the Supermarket to return a movie and pick up a few things.  Mark decided he wanted to go with me.  On the way to the store we devised our plan of attack.  I have found with the smaller males of the species you must, MUST have a plan.  This is especially important when going to places that are as repelling as the grocery, the pharmacy or the mall.  Our plan was this: Mark return the movie to the kiosk and I would pick up what I needed. Simple enough.

We took off to accomplish our respective tasks and met up in the produce isle.  A man stepped out in front of my cart as we rounded the corner from produce.   After I steered the cart around the man, Mark and I continued on our journey to dairy.  Only we didn't get far.  I walked no more than 3 steps before I heard, "MARK"S HERE!'  This is a common occurrence when we travel to places where there are girls attending.  A rather tall blond ran out from behind the shopping cart to give Mark a big hug.  Her dad and I watched and waggled our eyebrows at the situation.  The two teens exchanged pleasantries, talked about who they had seen and not seen over the summer and said their goodbyes.

 Only it wasn't goodbye.  The tall girl and her sister preceded to follow us around the grocery.  As girls do, they giggled and whispered and waved, "Hi Mark." from across the store.  Mark was more than mortified but I am sure also thrilled to be drawing attention from the soon to be Sophomore.  He turned many shades of red and tried desperately to escape the attention by acting as if he wasn't bothered.

We made our way to the checkout, not nearly soon enough for Mark.  We loaded up our goods on the checkout belt and the Girls yelled, "Bye Mark."  At which point the Manager on duty looked at him and said, "Oh! Are you Mark?"  As humbly as one can in this situation, Mark nodded.   The Manager went on to introduce herself to Mark and throw out some lame comment about how he will have to come back more often now that they are on a first name basis.  Mark, I am sure could not get out of their fast enough.  It is one thing to have 2 cute girls calling your name and embarrassing you and quite another to have the over the hill, grandma of a store manager talking to you in front of your friends, who happen to be girls.

I finished up the transaction.  The groceries were loaded into the cart. And we speedily made our way for the exit.  Just as we reached the double sliding doors, all of the cashiers, baggers and the manager yelled, "Bye Mark!"

I am most certain he will not enter that particular grocery for sometime.
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