There are lots of ways in which people perceive time..."time flies when you are having fun,"  "time passes you by,"  some can "Never find the time." and still for others there is, "time enough"
Some say, "time is money,"  Still others say, "don't waste your time"  
I have come to understand a new truth, time is now.  This moment is truly all we have.  In the spirit of this revelation I have once again revisited my clock quilt. 

This was my initial sketch drawn hastily on the back of Emma's spelling list.  The idea came to me while sitting in the student pick-up line at the Elementary School.  

After the first drawing I began to see the quilts as parts.  I imagined all of the hours as done in a different style, some applique, perhaps a trapunto or a patched number.  I envisioned each hour quilted in a different quilting motif.  I also began to see more of a clock face rather than just numbers.

As the idea grew in my mind, I just was not happy.  I didn't feel as though any of my drawings depicted what was going on inside me.  I wanted time to represent something for me, but what I wasn't quite sure.

Then I started taking Mindfulness Classes.  The quilt has grown and changed as my perception of time has also changed.  Then one day it just appeared.  I realized I did not want the entire clock.  I only needed part of the clock to represent this moment.  To remind me that I needed to focus on the Now, This moment.

I drew out 1/4 of a clock face.  Using the numbers 10,11, and 12.  Somehow the "Eleventh Hour" kept circling around in my head.  

I put the design a way once again and let it grown and change.  I realized when I took it out that I did not want the End of the Day but the Beginning, a New Beginning.  I flipped the clock face over to include not only 11and 12 but also to include 1, 2, 3 and part of 4.  1/4 of the clock face no longer seemed enough. I also added the minute and hour hands.  

As I drew out the last design I excluded the hands entirely.  I am not sure I want the hour or minute hand.  Ultimately, what I believe I will include is the the single second hand.  Pointing, only to this second, this moment, the here and now.
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