This week I was able to finish up the Block O pillows.  If you remember, I finished up this set last month. (Here is that post) Once they were posted I got an email requesting 4 more!

Here is set Number 2

I played with the back a little on this pillow.  I really didn't like sewing in the zipper in the first set.  It did not look as professional as I would have liked it. With this set I decided to try buttons.  They look alright but I think the zipper would have been better.  The buttons pulled to much on the fabric.  Maybe the use of an actual pattern would have helped.  I used the "make it up as I go along" method, hence the pulling.

Set Number 3

The third times a charm, apparently.  This set I love!  The fronts are quilted and the buttons don't pull in the back.  They do however look like little eyes staring out at you.

They are packed up and ready to be shipped.  Now on to the next project....Emma's Indian Princess Costume for the Third Grade Wax Museum.  Just in case you wondered, No I do not have a pattern for that.
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