Catching Fish--The Musical?

What a weekend!  The weather was warm, and slightly soggy but we didn't let that stop the fun.  The kids and I ventured out to a local pond to do a little fishing.  Well, the boys and I did.  Emma had a birthday party to attend.

Before the fishing could start the boys had to dig up worms in the mud and drizzle.  Can't fish without bait. Right? Once they were sufficiently coated in mud, then they were ready to go fishing.  Sadly this involved getting into my truck.  Even thought their shoes were removed and they were sitting on towels the truck interior was coated with mud. (I will never understand how they managed that.)  We drove over to the pond and the boys got their poles out.  We had a nice 30 minutes until I had to pick up Emma.  I sat in the truck and read while the boys did the fishing thing.  It was SO nice to be an observer rather than an actual participant in the hook baiting. All I had to do was look up every so often just to make sure the were still out of the pond.

I took off at 4pm  to pick up Emma from her party.  My initial plan was to hang out in the truck with Emma and help her brainstorm for a school project.  Emma had different ideas.  Emma wanted nothing to do with school work.  And with her dress and heels on she marched right over to the pond and had her brother bait her hook.

Now, Emma hardly does anything by the book, why should fishing be any different. With her pole in hand, standing inches from the waterline she started singing and dancing.  I didn't pay attention to the lyrics at first.  It wasn't until Jack asked her a question that I tuned in.  Jack asked, "Are you singing about FISH?"  Sure enough she was making up a song and dance for the Fish!  I believe it went something like.  "Come on little fish.  You know you want my wormy. Just take a little bite.  Then I can catch you."  Then there was some dancing and perhaps a WooHoo! or two and then more singing.  Then the next thing I knew, she had caught a fish!

Well, I was totally amazed.  Here was my little drama queen out in her heels catching fish with her brothers.  Mark took the small sunfish off the hook to the lyrics of, "I caught a fish." (act II) then there was more dancing as the hook was re-baited (is that a word?).  Then there was a new ballad called, "You know you want to eat my worm, just like the other fishy."  or something along those lines.  All the while, Jack and Mark eyed her skeptically and slowly moved further and further away.

She worked her way through several more worms and then it was time for the big dance number.  There were some twirls and a jump, and I even think there might have been a song in there. When she was finished the took her bow and just like that, ANOTHER FISH!

 These were no ordinary sunfish, they obviously had some appreciation for the arts. After that Emma, now the expert, tried to give her brothers pointers on the correct way to catch fish.  They were not going to be seen singing or dancing in public, no matter how many fish enjoyed it.  Consequently, they did not catch any fish.
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